Educational poster + 200 stickers WORLD FLAGS (6-12 years old)

Contains: 1 educational poster (1 m x 68 cm) + 200 stickers
Repositionable stickers
All ages from 7 years old
Design : Léa Fabre

Here is a very nice map of the world of flags, to be completed with repositionable stickers. The child sticks about 200 stickers on the poster, following the numbers indicated. It memorizes the name of each country, its capital, its flag and its geographical location. A beautiful poster for children, to learn while having fun.


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Poppik offers beautiful educational posters for children, to be completed with repositionable stickers and displayed on the walls.
– This planisphere for children must be completed with the stickers of the 197 flags of the world. – The poster is printed on both sides: one side is in French, the other in English. Stick the stickers on the face of your choice. An additional notice provides translations of countries and capitals into Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Chinese.
– This world map of flags develops curiosity and knowledge on a subject that children are passionate about. It is by manipulating that children learn!
– Children can play together and help each other, thanks to the giant format (100 x 68 cm) and the large number of repositionable stickers.
– The activity is easy, even for those who are not very manual.
– This creative sticker activity enhances the child’s self-esteem by creating a large monumental poster.
– Our repositionable stickers for children promote concentration and calmness.
– This poster in stickers develops children’s artistic sensibility, as it is created by a renowned illustrator: Léa Fabre.
– Once the children’s poster is finished, it can be framed or mounted directly on the wall. Waou ! The result is bluffing!
– Play time: on average 30 minutes for a child alone (varies greatly from one child to another).

Our educational posters for children are not made in Asia! In an ecological concern, this activity in stickers is made in the European Union (Spain).
– We designed a flat packaging to minimize the ecological footprint of this educational game.
– These stickers for children are repositionable, so that they can be replaced as much as necessary on the poster.
– All our children’s posters comply with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate-free. PEFC certified paper: from sustainably managed forests.
– Exclusive concept: Poppik. Design: Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.

Unfold the children’s poster and place it on a large table or on the floor. To ensure that the folds of the poster fade as much as possible, we recommend unfolding the poster and marking each fold “upside down”.
– This poster for children was created in a standard size for a very easy framing: use a 100 x70 cm frame. You can also hang this poster for children directly on the wall.
– As with a puzzle, the sticker activity can therefore be carried out in several sessions.
– The poster and stickers can be easily stored in the pocket. The poster can also be rolled to avoid folds on the stickers.
– This activity is ideal to occupy a small group of children during a birthday party or an afternoon game (easy to set up, fun for all, even for those who are not manual, does not stain, adult help is not required). Even more fun than a puzzle!

Once the large poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house.
– Hang the poster on the wall in any room of the house.
– You can also frame the poster, for an even more impressive result. For this, choose a standard frame 100 x 70 cm.
Visit our blog to find out how to give a second life to your Poppik, and how to prolong the activity.

With this large educational poster in stickers, children will discover the 197 countries of the world, their flags and their capitals. These are the 197 countries recognized by the UN. The child will learn, in a fun way, to recognize all the flags, to locate them on his big map of the countries of the world. Thanks to the instructions provided in the activity kit, he will also be able to know the official capital of every country in the world. This children’s world map was designed by Léa Fabre to be readable by children. This children’s planisphere is an excellent way to arouse children’s curiosity and teach them to locate the countries of each continent.


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