At Poppik we believe that the world is exciting, that it is an inexhaustible source of joy and discovery. Faced with the negative images that assail children, we believe that it is essential to offer them an optimistic vision of life. Because we want today’s children to become the awakened actors of tomorrow’s world. We want them to conquer the world with passion, creativity and enthusiasm.


For those who know how to open their eyes, wonder is at hand.

For those who trust, there are a thousand things to accomplish.


At your side, we want to help you:

– Awaken your children to the world, make them want to grow up,
sow in them the seeds of passion;

– Ignite in them the spark of curiosity, the one that reveals the world, make it more stimulating and full of promises;
– Reveal treasuresnot found behind the screens;

– Enrich their universe.


We offer games and activities that are 100% playful, enriching and beautiful, which are open doors to the world.

Our star products are large posters to be completed with stickers, which can then be used to decorate the house. It is a magical activity where the child sees a beautiful universe unfold in which he is the little worker, a poser of shapes and colors. With a Poppik, a whole world is to be discovered, completed, and appropriated with meticulousness.

Our products develop cognitive abilities: they prefer calm to agitation, manipulation to screens, attention to zapping.

Each Poppik can be realized alone or in cooperation with others.

Every Poppik is a path, which not only leads to the realization of a beautiful poster but also contributes to self-realization.

Each Poppik is thought of with heart as a structuring artistic and educational project that nurtures sensitivity to the child’s learning and aestheticism.

Each Poppik is manufactured in a responsible manner to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Each Poppik is lovingly concocted by a team of childhood enthusiasts who listen to today’s parents.