The Poppik Adventure

Behind the Poppik brand is a duo of partners, Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin. Our collaboration begins in 2012, when we create Yellow Citron, our children’s book creation agency. At that time, we were imagining collections of books for toddlers, playbooks for the older ones, educational kits for teachers…

In 2016, we have the idea to create posters that children could complete with stickers. Aware that the product is a UFO, at the border of toy and book, we realize that it will be difficult to convince a publisher to embark on the project. So we decide on a whim to create our own brand, Poppik. And to keep all our freedom, we choose to market our products ourselves. From the start, concept stores, games and toys shops, bookstores and museum shops follow us.

When Brigitte joined the team at the end of 2017, Poppik took off again. From then on, we structure a real distribution network, and we strive to build a long-lasting relationship of trust with our resellers. We listen to them, we pamper them, and this privileged relationship becomes a real springboard. At the same time, Poppik is also expanding abroad.

The variety of points of sale also makes us want to develop our collections more quickly, and to include in our catalog some cherished brands, real gems discovered during our travels. The American Crayon Rocks wax crayons are the first to trust us, followed by the puzzles of the English brand Cloudberries, the French board gamesLaboludic and the British chocolates Play in Choc.

The Poppik team

Delphine, co-fondatrice

Passionate about pedagogy and illustration, I imagine the next Poppik, and orchestrate the communication. If you contact us on Instagram, I will answer you;-)

Françoise, co-fondatrice

A management and marketing specialist, I am the conductor of all operations. Every day, I’m on all fronts. If you’re a distributor or a retailer, we’ll be in touch!

Brigitte, resp. commerciale

I started my career as a group leader. With Poppik, I reoriented my professional life. Are you a dealer located in France or Belgium? I bet you’ll ever have to deal with me!