What does the Poppik pouch contain?

All Poppik pouches contain two elements :
– one or more support(s)
– sheets of colored stickers or stickers to stick on
The support can be a large Poster (up to 1 meter), a full-length frieze that we call Panorama or a series of thematic square cards (6 cards per pocket).
On each support white spaces are materialized to stick stick stickers or stickers.
You unpack, and hop! It’s ready to go!

Where to buy Poppik?

You can find all Poppik on our online store (free shipping from 30€, delivery in 72h).
If you prefer to see the Poppik before you buy it, go to one of our retailers (game/toys store, bookstores, concept stores, museum stores…).To find your nearest point of sale, send us your zip code, place of residence and department by e-mail to contact@poppik.com, and we will send you a list of points of sale near you.

How many stickers or stickers are there in a Poppik?

Well it depends… on the age, the themes, the formats, it goes from 100 stickers on the square cards to 1600 and even 2400 stickers on the big posters.
There is something for every taste and every desire!
Thank you who? Thank you Poppik!

Are Poppik stickers really for everyone?

Try it, you’ll see!
Seeing your work take shape little by little, looking for the right colors, admiring, leaving, taking over… with Poppik you have the means to exercise your creativity while being guided.
Success guaranteed!
The children are very happy to share this type of activity with their parents or with other children. Poppik is also a fun, cross-generational family activity.

Do we need a lot of space to make a Poppik?

There is a Poppik for every space and situation!
Cards to make on a table corner, on a plane, in a restaurant, in a car.
Large posters, puzzles in stickers to be spread all over the table, on the floor or to be stuck on the wall.
You will always find a suitable Poppik.

How long does the activity last?

Doing Poppik on your own can take about 3 to 6 hours, depending on the supports and the age.
Poppik is an activity that can be done in several sessions. For children between 5 and 8 years old, for example, we recommend 30-minute sessions. But since it’s addictive, you may find it hard to stop them!
The children are very happy to share this type of activity with their parents or with other children. When we stick the stickers together, we finish the poster more quickly…

How to make the folds of the poster less visible?

The first time you unfold a Poppik poster, reverse each fold and mark it.
Try to let it unfold until you finish it, the folds will be less visible.
Once the stickers are glued, the folds will have disappeared. Magic, this Poppik!

Poppik for teenagers works too?

Street Art, Mandala, Girly, Arty, there are Poppik for all tastes from 10 years old.
To be done alone or in groups to occupy the older ones.
Thank you who? Thank you Poppik!

Is it possible to get the wrong stickers?

In maps and panoramas for younger people, the stickers can be identified by their shape and color.
On large posters, the stickers and stickers are numbered. The sticker sheets are organized by color.
You can’t go wrong! Our stickers are repositionable: in case of mistake, we can start again.

Are Poppik suitable for toddlers?

There are Poppik for all ages from 2 years old. The stickers and cards are adapted to promote the development of motor skills, observation and concentration.
Incorrectly positioned cheekbones can be replaced quickly.
And even if the stickers protrude a little from their place, the result remains pretty and very rewarding for the child.

Is there an order for gluing the stickers?

One watchword: fantasy!
You do as you like, in leopard print, in spiral, by line, by column, by shape, by color… let your creativity run wild.
The result will be great anyway.