The world of Lili Scratchy

Behind the nickname Lili Scratchy is the blonde Frédérique. To find this role of nickname, she simply took inspiration from the name of her grandfather: Atanase Scratchyk. She enjoys her whimsical, funny and colorful world on very different media: plates, shoes, bags, notebooks, cardboard boxes, pines or posters. In truth, about everything that goes into his hands. Lili Scratchy can, for example, bring back an old window found in the street for fun painting on it. She has published books but also created hundreds (or even thousands?) of inimitable ceramics, covered in color.

At Poppik, we hide in front of his characters who jump in every corner, his funny animals with curious eyes or his multicolored lettering. To bring joy to the office, small images of Lili Scratchy are often hung on the walls. You should do the same, joy guaranteed. Fan we’re, fan we’ll stay!

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