Behind every Poppik is a talented artist! Everyone brings their own graphic style, color palette and sensitivity to make the final result truly unique.

Each collaboration is a source of pride for the entire Poppik team, each creation is a source of wonder for the children. We want to offer them iconic, timeless images that they will keep for a long time.

Wander through this gallery to discover the very varied worlds that make up the Poppik catalog.

Artists and Illustrators

Sarah Andreacchio

Ingela P Arrhenius

Malena Arrighi

Atelier Cartographik

Atelier Saje

Laurent Bazart

Lucie Brunellière


Chloé du Colombier

Jessica Das

owen Davey

Owen Davey

Delphine Doreau

Clémence Dupont

Léa Fabre

Elsa Fouquier

Philip Giordano

Naomi Kado

Olivier Latyk

Sophie Ledesma

Matthias Malingreÿ

Beci orpin

Charlotte Roederer

lili scratchy illustratrice

Lili Scratchy

vanessa vautier illustratrice

Vanessa Vautier