6 cartes + 96 autocollantsDANS LA NATURE (2 ans et +)


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Contains: 6 decors (18 x 18 cm)
96 repositionable and easy-to-grab stickers
From 2 years old
Illustrations : Susie Hammer

Educational stickers from 2 years old

Toddlers finally have their first stickers, easy to catch and manipulate. An activity that does not stain and allows the child to work his ten fingers.

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Did you know that Poppik products have been designed with a real educational approach ?

With Poppik, discover new generation sticker activities. When children open a Poppik kit, they immediately want to play and manipulate these colorful stickers. The activity is easy, allowing the child to play alone without an adult present. Thus, without effort, the child concentrates naturally during long periods of play. This quiet activity trains fine motor skills, observation skills, and makes the child want to apply himself. With a Poppik poster, the child’s activity is always valued thanks to the amazing result he gets.

Hang the poster on the wall and you will see his eyes sparkle with pride !


This educational game from 2 years old is a first manual activity for toddlers:
– It does not stain.
– She exercises fine motor skills and encourages the child to apply himself.
– The 2 year old stickers are very easy to remove from the board.
– These repositionable stickers can be stuck and unstuck endlessly.
– This sticker activity encourages children to look at the details in the picture and colors, and to recognize and name each item.
– We recommend doing this activity with the help of an adult, when the child is still too young to do it alone.
– Learn more about the illustrator, Susie Hammer.


– The 2 years old stickers are “notched” i.e. they are stuck on the board without their outline, which allows the child to catch them very easily.
– All our products comply with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate-free.
– An exception at Poppik: this kit of creative stickers from 2 years old is printed in Asia, because it requires very special manufacturing steps.
– We have opted for the most compact packaging possible, to limit the environmental impact as much as possible.
– Exclusive concept: Poppik. Design: Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.


We advise to sit the child at a table to have fun with this activity in stickers from 2 years old. Show him how to peel off the stickers and where to put them. At the beginning, it will not stick in a very precise way, but little by little its gesture will be refined.
– This educational sticker activity for toddlers is ideal as a travel game to keep kids busy on the train, at the restaurant.
– Once the cards are completed, they can be hung in the room, framed, or even sent by mail.
– Discover on our blog our tips for keeping young children occupied at home.


At the age where one begins to manipulate with precision, playing with stickers as early as 2 years old is an excellent fine motor skills exercise. Catch, glue and take off: children get caught up in the game and concentrate effortlessly for long minutes. This activity is like an easy first puzzle for children.
Illustrator Susie Hammer designed this game to introduce children to geometric shapes. She has hidden fun little details in her pictures, to make the child want to look at each picture with attention.
This kit of stickers from 2 years old is an original creative hobby for children.

Poppik: kindergarten stickers 🌈


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