10 individual chocolates BOX OF 10 ORGANIC SWEET CHOCOLATE


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Contains: 10 organic chocolates (10 x 10g)
Cocoa content: 59% minimum
100% organic, 100% vegan, allergen-free chocolate
Recycled and recyclable packaging

Brand : PLAYin CHOC

Here is a box of organic chocolates, a tasting chocolate of excellent quality. Discover the incredible recipe of this 100% vegan and 100% organic chocolate, that we can offer ourselves without feeling guilty. A chocolate composed of 3 unique ingredients (cocoa, coconut, vanilla), without refined sugar, without allergens.

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This organic chocolate recipe was developed by Maya Simler, founder of the PLAYin CHOC brand, who wanted something delicious for her two allergy-sensitive children. She did not compromise on the recipe:

– The product contains 3 unique, natural and organic ingredients. No lactose, no refined sugar, no gluten, no palm oil, no allergens.

– The cocoa: these are Peruvian beans, of organic and fair trade origin, grown in small family farms (with a guarantee of no child labor, no animal labor)

– Cocoa is combined with creamy coconut, coconut sugar, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

– All ingredients are certified by the Soil Association, which guarantees the agricultural techniques: reduction of pollution, water conservation, reduction of soil erosion, reduced energy use, organic farming.

– The whole produces a velvety texture and a complex taste with multiple notes.

– The processing is done in the United Kingdom, in the PLAYin CHOC brand’s own artisanal workshop (Salsa certified British factory)

– The packaging of the boxes is done by hand, in strict compliance with hygiene standards.

– The chocolate contains a minimum of 59% cocoa. It’s a soft chocolate.

– Each 10g chocolate is packaged in a clear, non-plastic, plant-based bag that is compostable at home.

– This chocolate has received numerous awards. Great Taste Award 2019, Junior Magazine Award 2018, World Food Innovation Award 2019, Lunch! Innovation Challenge Award 2019, Food Matters Live Award, International Chocolate Salon Award 2019, The Bio-beurs Award 2020, The Veggie Awards 2020, The International Chocolate Awards 2020.



From the cocoa tree comes the cocoa bean – and from the bean comes the cocoa nibs and cocoa butter. Cocoa is full of essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, copper, potassium and magnesium.

Cocoa also contains natural mood-enhancing properties and antioxidants called polyphenols similar to those found in green tea and red wine.

From the coconut tree comes the coconut. It is used in this recipe as coconut cream and coconut sugar. Coconut contains many vitamins and minerals and is a delicious source of fiber. Coconut is a source of energy, it has an accelerating effect on the metabolism.

The vanilla flower is an orchid native to southeast Mexico. Vanilla is an orchid that lasts only 24 hours. This recipe uses only the finest organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.



Discover also our surprise boxes, containing chocolates and 3D puzzles to collect. They are declined on various themes: dinosaurs, animals of the world, animals of the forest… These chocolates are perfect to decorate a festive table (Christmas or Easter), or to celebrate a birthday.

– Recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper

– Natural ink

– The chocolate is packaged in a transparent bag that is not plastic, and is compostable at home.


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