Giant poster + 1600 stickers FLOWER POWER (6-12 years old)


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Contains: 1 poster (1 m x 60 cm)
1600 repositionable stickers
All ages from 6 years old
Image by Marie Caillou

A mosaic in stickers giant size !

Unfold the large poster and have fun sticking hundreds of little colorful stickers. You will then create a monumental floral design. To play alone or with friends.

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This mosaic in stickers occupies intelligently the children, far from the screens.
– This educational poster illustrates a great princess of Ukraine with Scandinavian flowers and tones
– They can play together, thanks to the giant poster (100 x 160 cm) and the very large number of stickers (more than 1600)
– This educational game promotes concentration and calmness for a long time (parents love it 🙂
– This mosaic in creative stickers trains the fine motor skills, the application of the children.
– This educational game develops artistic sensitivity, as the Princess of Ukraine is made by a renowned illustrator.
– This mosaic in stickers values the child because the result of the princess of Ukraine is really bluffing.
– This manual actuvuty is easy, even for children who are not very manual.
– Playtime: on average 3 sessions of 60 minutes for a child playing alone (very variable from one child to another).
– This activity looks a bit like a sticker puzzle or a giant coloring in stickers.
– Discover here the artist Marie Caillou who illustrated the poster.


In an ecological concern, this educational game is not made in Asia, but in the European Union (Poland).
– We have opted for flat packaging to reduce the ecological impact (manufacturing and transport) as much as possible.
– We have entrusted the manufacturing follow-up to the French office Leporello, signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter.
– The stickers are semi-repositionable, so that they can be replaced once or twice in case of error. As for a puzzle, we have the right to make mistakes!
– All our creative hobbies for children comply with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate-free.
– Exclusive concept: Poppik. Design: Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.


Unfold the Flower Power poster and remove the creases as much as possible by folding in the opposite direction. Place the poster flat, on a table or on the floor, and start sticking the stickers by following the numbers. In joy and good mood ! A bit like a giant coloring book, the poster is covered with patterns and colors.
– As for a puzzle, the mosaic stickers is long and can therefore be made in several sessions.
– The poster and stickers can be easily stored in the pocket. The poster can also be rolled to avoid folds on the stickers.
– This sticker activity is ideal to occupy a small group of children during a birthday party or a game afternoon (easy to install, fun for all, even for those who are not manual, does not stain, adult help is not necessary). Even more fun than a puzzle !


Once the large educational poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house.
– Hang the poster on the wall in any room of the house.
– You can also frame the poster, for an even more impressive result.
Visit our blogto find out how to give a second life to your Poppik, and how to prolong the activity.


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