Mini Poster + 29 Stickers Pirates (3-8 years)


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Contains : 1 educational poster (21 X 29,7 cm)
26 repositionnable stickers
Illustrations: D. Balicevic & R. Barborini
Poster printed on both sides (text in French and English)
All ages from 3 years old

The whole world of pirates with stickers !

With this educational activity, children are fascinated by the world of pirates: costumes, weapons, ships… They stick the stickers themselves on an A4 poster, which will then decorate the room.



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Did you know that Poppik products have been designed with a real educational approach ?

With Poppik, discover new generation sticker activities. When children open a Poppik kit, they immediately want to play and manipulate these colorful stickers. The activity is easy, allowing the child to play alone without an adult present. Thus, without effort, the child concentrates naturally during long periods of play. This quiet activity trains fine motor skills, observation skills, and makes the child want to apply himself. With a Poppik poster, the child’s activity is always valued thanks to the amazing result he gets.

Hang the poster on the wall and you will see his eyes sparkle with pride !


This sticker activity cleverly occupies the children, far from the screens.
– Like a puzzle or a coloring book, the child concentrates and plays quietly. Here, the format is mini(A4 format) and the pirate stickers are numerous.
– The sticker activity involves visual recognition (colors and shapes).
– Handling the stickers promotes concentration and calmness for long periods of time (parents love it 🙂
– These creative stickers train fine motor skills and application.
– This educational game is easy, even for children who are not very manual.
– Once the creative activity is over, the mini pirate poster is hung in the room… and it is possible to collect all the posters on many themes: dinosaurs, firemen, the farm, and the equestrian center.
– Discover here the artists D. Balicevic & R. Barborini who illustrated the poster.


In an ecological concern, this educational game is not made in Asia, but in the European Union (Spain).
– We have opted for flat packaging to reduce the ecological impact (manufacturing and transport) as much as possible.
– We have reduced the amount of plastic in the kit as much as possible by renouncing plastic overpackaging.
– The pirate stickers are repositionable, so they can be replaced in case of error. As for a puzzle, we have the right to make mistakes!
– All our creative hobbies for children comply with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate-free.
– Exclusive concept: Poppik. Design: Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.


The poster is printed on a quality paper, very thick, without any fold.
-Place the pirate poster flat on a table or on the floor and begin to attach the stickers by following the numbers. A bit like a coloring book or a puzzle, the poster is covered with drawings and colors.
– The child is encouraged to be independentin the activity. He can figure it out on his own by looking closely at the silhouettes and pirate stickers. It is an activity that encourages observation. If he makes a mistake, the very flexible and perfectly repositionable plastic material will help him to redo the poster or the pirate stickers without damaging them.


Once the mini educational poster is finished, it is intended to decorate the house. Indeed, its added value is its beauty!
– You can hang the posteron the wall, in any room of the house.
– You can also frame the pirate poster, for an even more stunning result.
– With the many themes available: Firefighters, The Farm, The Pony Club, Pirates and Dinosaurs; it’s easy to have a complete collection!
– Visit us on our blog to discover how to give a second life to your Poppik.


This poster is a bit like a picture book. Under each picture is a word, which allows the child to develop his vocabulary.
To apply the stickers, the child observes the silhouettes of the drawings. If he makes a mistake, don’t panic, the pirate stickers come off very easily and can be reattached many times.

Poppik: kindergarten stickers 🌈


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