Educational poster + 66 stickers WORLD HISTORY FRAME (8 years +)


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Contains: 1 poster (1.35 m x 30 cm)
60 repositionable stickers
Poster printed on both sides (1 side in French, 1 side in English)
All ages from 8 years old
Design : Olivier Latyk

Exciting educational stickers !

Children will discover the history of the five continents, from the invention of writing to the present day. They glue on the historical frieze the famous people, the most important events and the great civilizations of the world.

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Did you know that Poppik products have been designed with a real educational approach ?

With Poppik, discover new generation sticker activities. When children open a Poppik kit, they immediately want to play and manipulate these colorful stickers. The activity is easy, allowing the child to play alone without an adult present. Thus, without effort, the child concentrates naturally during long periods of play. This quiet activity trains fine motor skills, observation skills, and makes the child want to apply himself. With a Poppik poster, the child’s activity is always valued thanks to the amazing result he gets.

Hang the poster on the wall and you will see his eyes sparkle with pride !


– This child historical frieze develops curiosity and knowledge on a subject that fascinates children: world history. It is by manipulating that children learn!
– The poster is printed on both sides: one side is in French, the other in English. Stick the stickers on the face of your choice. A 24-page notice accompanies the poster, presenting the 80 events and characters in the timeline.
– Children can play together and help each other, thanks to the giant format (100 x 68 cm) and the large number of repositionable stickers.
– The activity is easy, even for those who are not very manual.
– This creative activity in stickers valorizes the child because it realizes a big historical monumental frieze.
– Our repositionable stickers promote concentration and calm.
– This poster in stickers develops the artistic sensibility of the children, because it is realized by a great artist: Olivier Latyk.


In an ecological concern, this educational game is not made in Asia, but in the European Union (Spain).
– We have designed a flat packagingto minimize the ecological impact (manufacturing and transport).
– These stickers for children are repositionable, so that they can be replaced as much as necessary on the poster. As for a puzzle, we have the right to make mistakes!
– All our educational games for children comply with the CE toy standard, guaranteed phthalate-free.
– The paper is PEFC certified: from sustainably managed forests.
– Exclusive concept: Poppik. Design: Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.


Unfold the poster and erase the folds as much as possible by folding in the opposite direction. Place the poster flat, on a table or on the floor, and start sticking the stickers by following the numbers. A bit like a giant coloring book or like a big puzzle, the poster is covered with drawings and colors.
– As with a puzzle, the sticker activity can be done in several sessions.
– The poster and stickers can be easily stored in the pocket. The poster can also be rolled to avoid folds on the stickers.
– This activity can occupy a small group of children during a birthday party or an afternoon game (easy to set up, fun for all, even for those who are not manual, does not stain, adult help is not required). Even more fun than a puzzle!


Once the large poster is finished, it is intended todecorate the house.
– You can hang the poster on the wall, in any room of the house.
– You can also frame a historical frieze for an even more stunning result. This historical frieze for children was created in a standard size for easy framing: use a 100 x70 cm frame.
– Visit our blog to find out how to give a second life to your Poppik.


This illustrated children’s historical timeline presents more than 80 civilizations, famous people or major events that have marked the history of the world, from the Mesopotamian civilization to the Coronavirus pandemic. We designed this frieze to awaken children’s curiosity about events that are familiar to them (the French Revolution, Barack Obama…) but also about other aspects of history that are less well known but nevertheless fascinating (the great empires of Africa, Chinese civilization, aboriginal civilization…). We wanted to help them situate these events in time, thanks to this historical frieze layout. All continents and periods are represented.
The leaflet that accompanies the educational poster allows you to learn more about each important element. The text is written especially for children by a youthful author.

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