32 WAX CRAYONS 1 cotton bag + 32 colors (from 3 years old)


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a 100% cotton bag, closed with a string
32 natural wax pebbles – 32 colors
From 3 years old
Brand : CrayonRocks

Wow ! What an incredible range of colors ! This cotton bag contains 32 different colored wax crayons in the shape of a pebble. A real palette for budding artists. Brand : Crayon Rocks.
– The pebble shape is child-friendly: it helps children manipulate, trace and color effortlessly. This ergonomic shape prepares the hand muscles for learning to write.
– 100% natural wax chalk.
– Closed cotton bag: to take easily when traveling.

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These wax coloring pencils are ergonomically designed specifically for children over 3 years old.
– The shape of the wax crayons (pebble shape) allows to hold with 3 fingers without effort. An essential gesture that prepares the muscles of the hand for learning to write.
– Wax crayons for right and left handed people
– As the wax crayon is used, its shape diminishes and the child’s gesture becomes more meticulous.
– The softness of the wax crayons makes them very pleasant to handle.
– These wax crayons promote creativity.
– The colors can be mixed together.
– Does not stain fingers.
– These pencils do not break because their pebble shape makes them less fragile than regular pencils. They last a very long time.
– Recommended by occupational therapists.
– These wax crayons are products of the brand Crayon Rocks, distributed in France by Poppik.

These Crayon Rocks wax crayons are made from soy wax, so they are made from natural materials: they do not contain kerosene or any other petroleum derivative.
– The pigments that color Crayon Rocks wax crayons are natural.
– Crayon Rocks pencils are long lasting ! With a single pebble, the child can cover a 5 m long strip of paper (30 cm high).
– These wax crayons are made in the United States, in Kentucky.
– These Crayon Rocks colored pencils comply with the CE toy standard. This product is ASTM D 4236, CE, EN71 and CPSIA certified.
– The bag that contains the Crayon Rocks wax crayons is made of cotton, closed by a small cord.

These Crayon Rocks wax crayons can be used to trace on paper. You can also rub the paper with the flat of the pebble and cover large areas. By rubbing in this way, the colors can be easily mixed together: an excellent way to help the child discover what the mixing of colors produces. These different gestures train the child’s hand and solicit his motor skills.
– Crayon Rocks wax crayons can also be used on fabric. In this case, iron the fabric (inside out) so that the wax becomes embedded in the fibers. The fabric can then be washed at 30°C. The color disappears with a washing at 60°C.
– These wax crayons are suitable for children from 3 years old.
– To get a very nice result similar to oil paint, rub the finished coloring with the palm of your hand. You can also combine pastels with other types of paint such as water-based ink or simple gouache pellets. The result will be very bright ! Use under adult supervision.

These Crayon Rocks crayons were developed by Barbara Lee, a teacher specializing in learning to write. She has noticed that children who have difficulty writing often have trouble holding a pencil. Tightening up on your pencil prevents you from concentrating on your drawing.
– With these Crayon Rocks pebble-shaped crayons, the child will naturally get used to holding the crayon with 3 fingers (thumb index finger). This is called the “pinch” grip. This grasping gesture is the one that children will have to use to learn to write. Coloring with Crayon Rocks is a first step towards learning to write.
– Crayon Rocks is suitable for both right and left handed users. By rubbing with the pencil, the child can test his laterality: he tries with the right hand and then with the left hand. It is by trying with both hands that he will finally feel more comfortable with one or the other.


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