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Science game – construction kit Pencil sharpener (7 +)


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Contains: wooden components, pencil sharpener, plastic screws and joints, rubber bands and illustrated instructions
Kit dimensions: 30 x 20 x 6 cm
Assembly time: 40 minutes
All ages from 7 years old
Brand : KOA KOA

Here’s something to entertain your budding young inventors !

The child himself assembles the elements with the help of different screws, joints and elastics to obtain a really unique pencil sharpener, which fits on different kinds of glass jars. Each step is easy and is explained in a very complete illustrated manual, in French and English. No tools are required for installation.
The child learns how a right angle gear works by manipulating the material. What pride once the first pencil is sharpened !

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This construction kit is designed by the French brand Koa Koa and distributed by Poppik. By building his pencil sharpener your child will :
– Discover how right angle gears work
– Use all the materials at his disposal to make his pencil sharpener: screws, nuts, joints, spacer, gears
– Reuse, by finding an empty jar, it gives a second life to objects
– Be creative, the pencil sharpener resists well to shocks and the child can try a lot of ideas
This construction kit will develop the curiosity of your children but also their knowledge on a subject which fascinates them. It is easy to use and does not require any additional equipment.
This science game encourages children to create with their hands and understand scientific phenomena in their daily lives. Once the construction is complete, they will have a nice toy that they made themselves.
It is an activity that values the child since he builds an object by himself and understands how it works in detail.


– All Koa Koa products are 100% made in the European Union
– The assembly of the construction kit is done in ESAT and in France


Open the box and start by separating the components. Then follow the instructions in the manual. For young children, adult assistance may be necessary. But the activity has been designed so that the child can be as independent as possible.
– This construction kit is recommended for children as young as 7 years old
– It is an ideal kit for all those who love construction games, who are interested in science or who enjoy manual activities, for children curious to test and discover new things


This object was thought and designed by a renowned designer, Oscar Diaz. After working for Matali Crasset in Paris, he studied product design in London under Ron Arad. Within his design studio, he now collaborates with many brands, and teaches his approach and vision of design in universities.
By calling upon a designer to conceive each product, Koa Koa is part of an artistic approach and proposes a real reflection on the objects: Koa Koa proposes objects that are easy to use, easy to build, beautiful and sensitive.


Through its educational and playful construction kits, Koa Koa’s mission is to help children make, invent, be creative and independent. These kits will allow children to disconnect from screens to rediscover the pleasure of making with their hands. Through this first playful approach to science, Koa Koa wants to give them the taste to innovate, to think by themselves, to try, to make mistakes and to correct their errors.
Through each of its kits, Koa Koa wants to reconcile science and art by stimulating the two hemispheres of the brain (the right one, which solves problems, and the left one, which appeals to the imagination); to learn to be bold and to dare to take risks; to spend time with families and to learn alongside the parents


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