What do we miss the most during lockdown ? They are our loved ones!
Let’s not worry about it! It is possible to be there for your loved ones, even from a distance. We give you some ideas on how to maintain the bond and live moments together. There are many others, it’s up to you to imagine, to invent… and to tell us about your experiences!

1/ Good morning
A simple little message, on waking up, to tell the other person that you are thinking of him, is already a nice way to start your day. A short, affectionate message will do the trick! Younger children can simply choose an emoticon, while older children can write the message themselves.

2/ Immortalize your world
Children love to photograph their surroundings. Taking a photo is a way to carefully observe the world around us, to highlight the small joys of everyday life … and to share these moments with others. So let’s leave it to the children to take pictures, and send them to grandparents or the most isolated people. For them, it’s such a pleasure to be associated with the little things of everyday life!

3/ Challenges to keep busy
Grandparents can challenge their grandchildren. If they have several grandchildren, these challenges will be even more fun. Example: build a huge tower with your Lego or Kapla, and send me the picture. Brothers and sisters can help each other, of course! Make a short film of an imaginary world with all your figurines. Photograph yourself with an unexpected disguise! Laughter guaranteed.

4/ Love letter
To make an original and very poetic letter, we cut out the letters and words from a magazine and stick them on a white sheet of paper. We take a picture of his creation and hop! That’s all there is to it.

5/ Organize a child’s snack from a distance
If your child misses good friends, offer to schedule a video call at snack time. Each child will have prepared the staging, and when there are several of us, it’s even more fun.


6/ Challenge in the building
It is possible to create a new fashion in the building, to make people smile again: those who want to, can hang little papers on the walls of the staircase with jokes written on them. If everyone participates, it’s even more fun!


7/ Birthday song
Rather than singing the traditional “Happy Birthday”, you can sing a song with modified lyrics during a video call. To perfect the effect, it is also necessary to provide the cake, with candles that will be blown at the end of the song. One can always freeze a part in anticipation of the end of the lockdown…

8/ A thank you to those on the front line
At 8 p.m., we open our windows wide and clap loudly. The family films themselves for a whole minute and sends this memory to someone close to them who takes care of the sick: nurse, doctor, fireman… We know how touching these encouragements are for those who receive them!

9/ Top chef at home
Let’s give a cooking challenge to a group of friends: next weekend, each of them will make a complete meal (starter, main course, dessert) with their children. The menu must be balanced, appetizing and tasty. Photos in support, you can even vote and elect a winner. This contest will be able to gather all the generations and to be declined on many other themes photo contests, choreography contests…

10/ The gift for those who are bored
A birthday to wish for? Want to bring a little pleasure to an isolated person? Poppik is the gift that suits all ages and tastes. Young and old alike will be surprised by this addictive activity that keeps them busy for hours… and that makes its little effect once it’s over. We ship all over France, wherever the post office still delivers. Discover our activities for toddlers, kindergarten children, elementary school children, teens and adults.

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